In 1946 Riccardo and Giovanna Albano were two of the new founders of the Association “Amici della Musica”, in Taranto.

Giovanna and Riccardo Albano

      Back to the years of the foundation the Association lived the tragic events of the second world war, with a break of the scheduled concerts and performances during that time.

      The new established Association after the war had the will to help citizens getting into a better daily life, which had been hardly proved.

      From the time on – and up to present –  the Amici della Musica have had a very solid life, being a considerable reference point for the different international performers, all very happy to play here .

      In 1962 the members of the Association were the promoters of a national piano competition, become then international with a wider and more relevant participation.

      In 1986 after the death of Riccardo, the rest of his family set up a special award to be assigned upon the committee choice, called the “Albano special award” after the year 1999, when also Giovanna died.

     Born in 1904 Riccardo Albano, even as a bank general manager, was a very heart-felt of music, playing himself the violin and also the piano. He had a special talent so that he could play piano or any other instrument or composition impromptu.

     His wife Giovanna studied at the music conservatory S. Peter Maiella in Naples, she graduated for piano in masterclass Romaniello, the pride of the academic Italian tradition, together with Master Rossomandi and many others at the time.

      After the studies Giovanna came to live in Taranto, a beloved town where she taught for forty years at the Giovanni Paisiello Music Conservatory, educating entire generations of pianists.

    At Albano’s music was the daily routine, beloved and played besides the teaching. This great passion has been the heart of their lives forever, joining with the Amici della Musica and the story of the Association, particulary when a special award was established, at the fiftieth anniversary in 2012.